The FATE of Guilfort

Kel's Journal, Entry 3

Aha! Found you. Now why were you hiding in with the food? That’s no place for a book, and especially not MY book. I’ll have to have a talk with Barry about his workers, I think one of them must have packed you here by mistake. Oh well. You’ve missed a lot!

First there was the most exciting cabbage delivery ever. I mean, nothing happened, but Big Red was swimming along with us freaking people out, and I doubt any other cabbage delivery can claim to leave a trail of fear in its wake. What do you mean “why were you delivering cabbages?” The people of Tilith need to get their salad ingredients from somewhere! Oh, and it was our cover for getting into the city without the Pigheaded Imbeciles (again with you misreading me writing Path of Iron? What’s wrong with you?!) getting wind. Now quit asking stupid questions.

We met Nan’s teacher Gramm at the school in Tilith. It was quite amusing to watch them argue, generally over how much Nan studied (it didn’t help Nan that he decided to interrupt the meeting). They bicker a lot, but I get the feeling it’s more out of friendship than anything else. Anyway, Gramm took us through a wall or two (no, not door. Wall. We totally walked through a wall!) into his super-secret-magicave-room (I’m making it a word – quiet you) and examined the artifact. After digging around the library for a bit (I need to go back and spend a year or so in that place. What? Of course I’ll bring you with me) we managed to piece together what the artifact was.

So turns out it’s a piece of some evil altar thingy, and we need to make some weird poultice to glue it back onto the alter to turn it off. Among other things we need to get bones that were touched by the power of life. Conveniently, Reddy (definitely need to remember to NOT use that one within earshot) knows where we can find some without having to commit any acts of horror!

Oh, and he gave me a box! No, I don’t feel like telling you more about it. I shall tauntify you with it, as it taunts me with its secrets of (I assume) awesome bluepeopleness.

So then we were off to the swamp lizzy came from to find the bones of some life mage he killed back before he joined the church of unity. I believe it was a turning point for him, though I don’t think he likes to talk about it so I try not to ask (you go ahead and ask him. Maybe he’ll tell you instead of trying to eat you).

We chose to sneak into the swamp and go through an area most people were scared of. While there we found a weird stone circle with a depression in the middle. I really wanted to explore and see what was in there, but I also kind of expect something big with teeth would have eaten me (yea, it was probably just an empty hole, but still…). Linea talked to one of the trees to find out if there was anything interesting (of course I’m not making that up. Why would I lie to my journal?!) but all we learned was that the area was really really old.

Then the tree told her about another tree that was in pain because the reds had stuck a person to it. She decided we had to go take the person down so the tree would stop hurting. Red thought that was stupid and that we should continue on to reduce the chance of being caught. Nan and I just wanted to get moving and not attract attention. Being the (apparently) sensible one in the group I scouted around while they argued, in case they attracted attention.

And owie did they. I was suddenly attacked by a pack of vicious lizard-bird-teeth-claw thingies. Nan said they were velocirapters (I know! That’s such a nondescriptive name. I’ll have to come up with a better one). For some reason they thought I looked the tastiest, and they all ganged up on me. At least our arguing couple noticed and came to help. I’m pretty sure Nan was helping too, but it just seemed like he kept giving the teethclaw monsters weird looks. One of them went kind of crazy after he did it, so I’m pretty sure he was magicing, but if I weren’t fighting off so much pointy it would have just been silly.

We finally finished that fight, and somehow it caused Linea to win the previous argument (that tree she made attack the clawbiteyjerks – shut up, it’s their name now – WAS kind of scary). Fortunately that was uneventful, as was the retrieval of the bones. What wasn’t uneventful was the return trip. Redman heard some “poachers” (he takes the trees in the forest very seriously – you’d think he and Linea would get along better). When we got there we saw a couple guys cutting the tree and one guy standing watch. Red went kinda-sorta-morelike-actually nuts and nearly pounced on the lookout, nearly killing him in one blow. The other guys ran, and we had to hold Red back and remind him he’s part of the church now, not redguard, and it would be better to let the guy live. Linea patched him up enough that he should be able to survive the trip out. Hopefully he learned his lesson, as we won’t be around to hold back any of the other redguard dudes if it happens again.

We were able to get back to Tilith without any more…incidents, and relaxed there a bit. We went to see the Lady Arilynn for some divination assistance, despite (ok, yea, mostly because of. You are getting to know me) Nan’s protests. She wasn’t there but, get this, she knew we were coming. (No, I’m not joking! You need to start believing me Mr doubtybook). She had packages prepared for each of us and said we would know when to open them.

So of course Linea tears into it (not sure she even heard the “you’ll know when…” bit). She got a map and some other things. The map shows some areas marked in red. I’m assuming that means either PoI influence or more evil magiciness. My box contained another map, but it’s not anywhere any of us recognized (and the place looked…unnatural). I assume it will be useful later, and I’m hoping it’s a clue to where I came from. There was also a really old book, but it looked ready to fall apart so I didn’t want to risk opening it just yet.

Oh, Gramm also suggested we talk to one of the other students and see if she wants to tag along. Florence is apparently one of the top students, and a friend of Nan’s. For some reason Nan wanted me to go talk to her first (even bet me that she’s shoo me away quickly. I don’t understand). I did it, and got to heard some good gossip about Nan. For instance, did you know when he was a student he spent a week stuck looking like a girl? All because he tried sneaking into the girl’s dorm room with an illusion on so he would appear to belong there? I guess the Lady expected shenanigans like that and set up a ward. I think I like her. Florence was nice too, but Nan keeps looking at us strangely when we talk.

And now we’re heading back to Guilfort on our way north where we believe the alter is. I’m hoping we get to check on the people there on the way, but we’ll have to be careful to not be spotted by the Posse of Idiots.

Now, don’t go hiding in with the food again, or I may start to think you don’t like spending time with me! Or that you’re some strange kind of hunger book.


wildmage Herms

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