The FATE of Guilfort

Kel's Journal, Entry 4

I’m back. Wha..of course it’s me! Who else are you expecting? I’d better not find anyone else’s scrawling in here…

Nothing new has happened since last time. I mean, it’s only been about a day, and the trip to Guilfort is going nice and boringly. It’s given me some time to relax and think, and I’ve had some disturbing thoughts. No, not about…get your pages out of the gutter you dirty book!

Anyway, I believe I mentioned before that I’ve had dealings with the Path before, and that my parents died in a forest fire. The fire hit a couple years before Saana married, and it was the largest we’d ever seen in the forest. We would occasionally get fires during particularly dry and hot seasons, but nothing as ferocious. It was so large we had trouble containing it, and it looked like we might lose the whole settlement until a group of elves from the south came in to help.

With their help we got the fire under control, but they arrived too late to prevent a large number of casualties, which included my parents. After the fire was finally dealt with they stuck around to help treat the wounded and rebuild the settlement. We were all incredibly grateful for their help, as anyone would be.

Many of those southern elves who came to assist never left. And they’re the ones who brought the Path of Iron to our area. Before then we’d heard some innocuous things about them, but had never dealt with them directly. But after the fire they started a growing presence in the settlement, getting more and more involved in everyone’s lives.

At the time those I thought they were annoying (they don’t like non-elves, and didn’t know what to think of me), but I was grateful for their help with the fire. However, the circumstances of the fire always bugged me. Now that I’ve seen what the Path was willing to do to the people of Guilfort I’m starting to think maybe they had something to do with the first. There was no good reason for those southern elves to move to our settlement (elves don’t generally move around, especially not in large groups). The fire gave them a reason to be there, which in turn gave the Ironites a way in as well. Maybe it was all their plan.

I’m starting to get more and more glad I left when I did, before they became too entrenched. Things probably would have gotten bad for Saana if I was still around. Thankfully as an elf they don’t really bother her, though she’s told me in her letters that they’re not very accepting of any non-elven travellers who visit.

If they did cause the fire it means they murdered my parents, and all the others who perished in the fire. They’d better hope I don’t find out it’s true.


wildmage Herms

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