The FATE of Guilfort

Kel's Journal Entry 6

Me again, though I suppose you knew that. No one else should be writing in here (though you did disappear for a few days a bit ago, so I’d better check……Ok, good).

So the last few days have been rather uneventful, at least compared to most days since I met Nan the “Maginificent” (heh, got to remember to call him that within earshot), Big Red, and Linea the Distractable. After dealing with the goblins and making sure the sisters were in good hands at the Windrider residence (pretty sure those brothers could take any PoI jerks in the area if they try anything) we headed out for Lorindale. It’s a long journey though, and we’re only partway there. I did get to finally see some non-hateful-book-burning-and-generally-annoying-and-stupid goblins on the road. There really ARE merchant goblins! So that was exciting.

We generally slept outdoors off the path a bit instead of going to the inns in order to keep inconspicuous (don’t look at me like that. Our group doesn’t look that crazy…from a distance…in shadow…if you’re distracted…shutup). Nan had to get himself some “nice” dinners though, so I’m not sure how well that worked. Some people just don’t appreciate the outdoors, or “roughing it” as Nan put it. Alec didn’t seem to mind the prepared meals either, though I noticed he never paid for anything himself. Oh yea, he’s sorta-kinda joined up with us, though we haven’t explained everything to him yet (he’s a little shifty, and he did run from the fight with the goblins, so we’re not sure about him), though if he stays with us we’ll probably have to sooner or later. We don’t want him trying to open the evil-in-a-box and getting himself and everyone else sick.

Speaking of the box, the runes that were carved into it for the ward are starting to turn red. Red is never a good sign (well, ok, I guess sometimes it’s not bad, like when it’s a lizard who’s helping you kill goblins to save people…you know what I meant! Also, don’t tell Torg what I said about red, he’ll think I’m colorist or something). We’re pretty sure this means the evil is starting to wear away at the wards, so we probably need to hurry up and deal with it.

We got to Greystone this morning and once we got past the guards at the gate we spent the day doing our own things (they’ve gotten a lot more strict since last time I was here. Actually, the whole town has gotten bigger and busier since last time). Nan stayed with the box, Torg went off to find the local church peoples (imagine him walking in on your service!), Alec went to do probably-shifty things, I went off to the library to see if they had anything that referenced my puzzle-box-of-MYSTERY (Florence joined me offering to help with my research), and Linea got distracted. Again. (though to be fair, so far she hasn’t had to hide from the city guard. As far as I know…).

The library didn’t have much new since I was here last (came through a couple years ago, back before your time), but this time I had something different to search for. I asked Florence if she could help me search for any books that might reference the puzzle box I got from Gramm, or any of the symbols on it. When I showed her the box she became quite intrigued.

She started drawing all the symbols onto a piece of paper. I thought it was just so she would have a reference while looking (I could just look at the box itself), but then she started tearing it up so each rune was on a different piece. Then she lit a candle, did some magicy magicness to it, and threw the papers onto the flame. She was so focused on this that she forgot to actually tell me what she was doing, so I was rather confused (though it was amusing to see the reactions of the librarians and other people in the library. I think one though we were going to burn the place down!). All the scraps of paper burned except for one, and that one flew up into the air and down one of the aisles. Florence ran after it, and I followed, not knowing what else to do. The paper flew around through a couple aisles, then stuck to the binding of one of the books. Florence grabbed the book, handed it to me, and said “Here, you may want to read this.”

So I took the book, but all that was in my head was “That was SO COOL. I hope they don’t kick us out!”

The book was old, and large. I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to read through it all, so I asked if I could purchase it. Unfortunately it appears books are REALLY expensive (and I got you cheap too. Guilfort must not know what books are worth), and even with the winnings I got from Nan’s bet (that I couldn’t talk to Florence longer than any of the other guys in the bar that first night) I couldn’t afford it. So I just stayed all night reading.

Florence stayed and helped, trying to find any other books that might be helpful or related to the one she had already found for me. I appreciated the help, but I think it took her three or four times to get my attention every time she had a question for me (I was in the zone. You know, the one where you’re so focused on reading that you could be upside-down on fire and not notice it? Is that just me?). I think she gave up after a while and just started making sure I wasn’t disrupted by anyone (some kids heard about the blue guy in the library so occasionally a few of them would come by to see if I really existed. That happens sometimes, and it was nice to have someone to keep them at bay so I could read). At one point I Nan showed up and talked to her (I figured if it was important they would have grabbed me, but they didn’t, so I kept reading), and I think she left after that.

I got through most of the book, and may have found something. It was a poem book (yea, normally not very scholarly or historically useful), but the material was OLD. The language was archaic and I could barely follow what was written, but the book had translations for everything too. Generally the poems seemed useless (for what I’m looking for, many were actually quite good), but there was one poem that had some strange symbols along with the words and one of them matched a symbol on my puzzle box! I copied down the poem (both the original version and the translation) so I can study it later, and by then it was morning and I figured I should find everyone else.

And no, I won’t tell you what the poem said. I already transcribed it once, and I don’t feel like doing so again just yet (you weren’t around at the time. If you’d thought to come with me then I could have copied it directly into you, but NO, you had more important things to do! Wait…what DO you do when I’m not writing in you?).

Oh, and when I got back to the group I heard Nan saying something about Greystone building an army and black magic and other shenanigans going on. Why do I get the feeling I’ll end up involved in that at some point? Oh, I know why. The Nangician had that “I found a thing I have to fix” look in his eye, and I know that’s a contagious look. I hope we at least get to deal with this box before getting involved with that though. I think it’s reaching its expiration date.


wildmage Herms

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