The FATE of Guilfort

Kel's Journal Entry 8

Well THAT had to be the quickest revolution ever. I mean, have YOU ever heard about a revolution that happened in two days? Of course you haven’t, I haven’t told you about any. Because they don’t happen! (well OK, you’re right, they might have happened and I just didn’t hear about it, but I’m much more well read than you…wait, do you even read books? CAN you read? Books reading books, that would be like…this is getting too deep, back to my story).

So as I told you last time, after Linea punched a god and Nan’s head exploded we rested at the elven village (no, I forgot to ask what they call their village. Yes, again. Shut up you). It looks like Nan will take a while to unexplode, so we decided to head back down to Lorindale to see what was up. Alec didn’t come back out after entering to scout before we went up to deal with the alter of sicky badness, and I was starting to get worried (not sure about the others though). I argued that we should try and figure out what happened to him, so we went to check it out.

When we got there we found the Lorindale people (Lorindaliens? Lories? I gotta remember to ask people what the right terms for them are!) were cutting down a huge number of trees in the forest. This made Linea very angry, so she summoned a nasty storm to make them stop working (no, I didn’t realize she could do that either. I’ve lost track of the skills she has. She’s some kind of tree talking, god punching, storm maiden of doom. Well, minus the “of doom” part. I hope).

It was very easy to sneak into the city in the ensuing chaos of all the workers trying to get back in. The guards were asking everyone for their papers, and seemed to have the city pretty tightly locked up (well, ok, ignoring our ability to sneak in). Once in we discovered that the POI had been in power for six months, and had segregated most of the city’s people into sections based on their occupation. They were tightly patrolling travel between the sections, and seemed to be making everyone very unhappy. We tried asking why they were building up the big wall, but couldn’t get any convincing answers (no, they weren’t lying to us. I don’t think the people really knew. They passed along what they were told – defense against goblins or elves from the north – but none of it made sense). It was clear people weren’t particularly happy about the situation, but the POI seemed to have made them afraid of the nebulous baddies to make them think they were being protected, and that it was worth it.

I led everyone to an inn I thought would work for us (I’d been through the area a couple years prior), but before we could get inside some old guy bumped into Big Red, sneakily showed him a church of unity circle, and offered to give us a place to stay (loudly mentioning the cost so others would think it was “legitimate”. Gotta hand it to the old guy, he played it pretty well). We followed him back to his house where we stayed the night.

The guy’s name was something I didn’t quite catch, but it started with Ed, so that’s what we’ll call him. He had been the head of the Church of Unity before the POI showed up, but that ended when their main meeting place burned down from an “unlucky” lightening strike. With him and his wife still inside. No no, his wife survived it too. This isn’t one of those stories (well, not yet). She even made us some tasty soup that night. The path built a school in its place, and have been using it to teach path propaganda to the children while their parents work.

We also got a couple leads on Alec’s whereabouts. Ed had heard of a couple outsiders in the city. One of them was attacking the Path’s peoples (Ooh, “path’s peeps”? Good call, I like it) and couldn’t be found. Another had been caught stealing from merchants associated with the Path. Normally he should have been executed by now (hey, that’s not my judgement, that’s what Ed said was normal in the town. Don’t look at me like that!), but hadn’t, which was odd. It made me think they might be trying to get information out of this guy. And the stealing sounded like something Alec would do, so I was worried this might be him. The other guy could have been too, but I worried the timeframe for this captured possible-Alec (Palec!) could be quite short, and argued that we should find out if it’s him, and if so see about rescuing him.

Samson…yes, he’s still with us. That whole incident with the god of self sick-rifice didn’t scare him off apparently (yet). Anyway, Sam was still with us, and since he was a guard back in Guilfort we thought he could pass as one on assignment here. He pretended to be a Greystone guard (since Greystone is also POIed we figured they’d be friendly) in search of an escaped prisoner, and asked to see the ones they had locked up. After having to get a couple licenses for being in the city (the aforementioned “papers” apparently) he was able to go in and see them. Unfortunately he didn’t spot Alec or even a Palec (though he did see the guards we snuck past to get in. They were being punished pretty severely, and I felt kind of bad after hearing that). There was apparently another area that he wasn’t able to go see, though he was told by the head guard that they had no prisoners down there (likely story, though Sam believed him).

We did find out an execution was planned for the next day though. We dug around to try and find out who it was (they never announced who before the execution) which is when we discovered that Ed’s wife had gone missing. Some investigation and general poking around manged to confirm that she was the one to be executed. We decided we couldn’t let that happen, but that we could also use it to our advantage. The people had loved her once back when she helped run the church, and probably still did. We spread the word to everyone we could about what was happening, but thanks to Torg’s direction we were able to do it in a way that kept the POI from ever discovering where people got the information.

A while before the execution was scheduled to happen I went to find a nice vantage point. Red was going to try and rally the people, and I wanted to have clear sight of him and the execution platform so I could protect whoever needed it. I managed to find a roof at the edge of the square with a nice outcropping I could hide behind.

When the bell rang to announce the execution the square started to fill, with Torg, Sam, Linea, and Ed all by the fountain. It looked like most of the city showed up for it (which they were required to do, but even those who usually found a way to avoid them came). Then Haldall (oh yea, we found out mister “No, my kidney!” guy’s name is Haldall, and he was leading the POI in Lorindale) has the guards lead out Ed’s wife and a Palec. Mrs Ed looked generally OK, but the Palec was barely moving, and had to be dragged out and held up. He then started going on about Mrs Ed’s supposed crimes and she started being dragged forward.

At this point a giant red lizard man jumped up on top of the fountain while whipping off his cloak, and started an impassioned speech about how THIS IS WRONG. I’m pretty sure everyone missed about the first half of the speech while their brains tried to make sense of the impossible thing they were seeing. Even Haldall was slack-jawed in astonishment for a few moments before motioning to the guard and executioner to get on with it. He then did some kind of magic to the water in the fountain, probably trying to knock Torg down and stop the speech, but it just sort of splashed on him. I took it from Red’s reaction that it actually felt kind of refreshing, so I decided to focus on the executioner instead of Mr where’s-my-kidney. It was a good thing too, as he was already starting a swing. My first arrow staggered him enough that he completely missed on the swing, and my second one removed his ability to use his arm entirely (he still had it, it just wasn’t moving on its own any time soon).

At some point while I was dealing with the executioner the people surged forward to attack the guards. Sam, Torg, and Linea followed, taking out guards and heading straight for big baddy H (The H is for Helpicantfindmykidney!). When he saw the mass of people and lizard charging him he freaked (I’m guessing mostly because of the lizard) and threw up his hands, backing away. He yelled something to them which slowed everyone down briefly. Linea started charging again, but Torg grabbed her and nodded to Haldall, who then retreated back into the doorway to the barracks (we were right in front of it) and did his magic shadowy vanishing nonsense. At this point the guards gave up and fled, and there was much rejoicing. Well, other than Palec, who still couldn’t even stand.

I found out later that H had yelled out that if we let him flee it would be the last Lorindale would see of the Path. I thought Torg made the right decision, though Linea was unhappy about it. It seems that while he’s a bad jerkface of an elf he’s at least true to his word, as everyone associated with the POI was gone by the next morning. Which is right now.

So yea, that’s how we started and won a revolution in a couple days. And we had just come in here trying to find Alec. No, I’m still not sure if we found him. Palec was really beat up, and I didn’t get a close look at him before he was rushed away to be treated. Linea should be on her way back soon with news on how he’s doing, and if he’s actually Alec. If he isn’t, I hope he’s at least a good guy. I’d hate to think we just saved some horrible criminal from justice. Then again, I’m sure Sam could use the bounty…


wildmage Herms

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