The FATE of Guilfort


A meeting of chance

Few historians and even fewer bards tell stories of the early days of those we now simply refer to as “The Heroes” but I find it necessary to understand them more fully we must understand where they came from and what brought them together. Unfortunately information from this time is very scare.

It is known that Nan D’Brett and Linea Windrider were from Guilfort and most likely already in the area. There is strong evidence that Kel had frequented the area several times and was probably on a routine visit. K’thith Torg is a bit of a mystery, there is some evidence that he had left his tribe and joined the Church of Unity at this point. It is known that there was a strong animosity towards the Reptilians at this time. Most of the other races considered them to be barbaric savages. For one reason or another K’thith was in town during the time of the Red Plague.

The Plague had been afflicting the town for several seasons with little successful treatment from local healers, including Linea’s own mother. It was a brutal disease with a near 100% mortality rate and by some accounts caused extreme outbreaks of violence in those who and become inflicted.

The town had tried to quarantine the plague zone burning several blocks of houses to provide separation from the plague. There is one second hand account from a guard who saw the four of them enter the plague zone shortly before the plague began to break. It is this guards account combined with the much more documented evidence of their actions as well as the actions of the Path of Iron that leads most historians to conclude it was The Heroes that cured to plague.

It seems to be this event that brought these four people from such varied backgrounds together. I doubt any who knew them at the time would realize the extent to which they would come to shape the world.

Or the prices they would pay in the process.

Elisha Strongharvest
Scholar, Historian and Keeper of Lore


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