The FATE of Guilfort

Torg's Chat with The Sisters of Corinna

After finishing off the remaining goblins, Torg went to the trees where the remaining Sisters were bound and cut them loose. He helped them bind their wounds and bowed in thought over the silver circle that hung on a leather cord around his neck.

“Sisters, I appreciate your desire to help others. It is something that I strive to do myself.”

“But when the jeggets are coming at the lodge, everyone has to work together to fight them, to protect each other and to protect the children. A vow to help others and to protect them is good. When the jeggets come for you, a vow to not harm living creatures only makes you so much meat.”

Torg prodded one of the goblins with his spear.

“My friends and I defeated these goblins. Why couldn’t you? How many Sisters were together when these goblins attacked? How can you help others if you cannot protect yourselves?”


wildmage monkius

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