The FATE of Guilfort

Who can I trust?

Well, today was certainly… enlightening. I thought with the destruction of the red mistress things would calm down and we’d take down the path of iron once and for all. Things did not happen as expected.

Somehow, while I was recovering from fighting a goddess, the party led a revolution. I managed to find another magician in town, although he was oddly trained, and there was something funny about him.

When we got back to Lorindale I knew there was a big problem. Florence claimed that Gramm had come and fixed everything and told her to wait for me. However, when I checked, the compulsion was still in effect on the town, and worse. I took Florence out of the town and showed her the twisting threads of compulsion in her own thread. Rather than risk damaging her, I drew the magic into myself. While I couldn’t be certain, it appeared to have Gramm’s signature.

I now suspect that Gramm might not be trustworthy. I think there may be some entity controlling him, and I need to stop it. I’m going to continue using his training as best I can in the meantime.

Florence was able to show me where all the glyphs were that caused the compulsion. Here’s were things get strange. There were four glyphs. Each one was tweaked to appear as if one of the elders on the Circle of Wisdom had set it up. All were domination magic, which is considered black. A few included variants of magic not native to our talent.

Whatever is going on is odd. I asked Florence to stay with us until we knew what was going on. I may find Simon and attempt the same healing I did for Florence, although I think his mind is too far entrenched.

I’m left with many questions. How is it Gramm was able to work on compulsion wards? Could the Path of Iron have taken over Gramm’s mind? Those we’ve met so far haven’t seemed that competent. What’s this new emergence of disciples of Commodos the Chaste, who hasn’t been seen in 30 years? Should we return to guilford and see what’s afoot or stay and try to disband the army? Where is Tulia? Has she gone running off into conflict again?

HO, it seems a horn has sounded. I think the massive army of Greystone may be marching. Where’s Linea and her falcon hawk sparrows when you need them?


wildmage jsuereth

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