K'thith Torg



  • Renegade from the Red Brotherhood
  • Touched by the Egg Mother!
  • Trained by Ol’Kur
  • Magical Red Tattoos
  • Does the Right Thing
  • Perem the Wise’s Silver Circle
  • We can work together
  • I am civilized


Level Bonus Skills
Great +4 Tattoos Melee Weapons Life
Good +3 Resolve Endurance Rapport
Fair +2 Survival Athletics Contacting
Average +1 Alertness Stealth Leadership


Red Tattoos
Lesser Tattoo See Tattoos, defaults to Inner Strength (p104)
Greater Tattoo See Tattoos, defaults to Weapon Specialist (p97)
Silver Circle Power Amplifier: +1 to all uses of Life; Power Battery: +2 shifts per scene, +1 spin per day
Bounce Back (p86)
Signature Aspect Touched by the Egg Mother! invoke 1/scene for free
+1 Fate Point


  • Spear 1H/2H 2/3
  • Perem’s Silver Circle
  • Artistic Elvish Utensils + Real nice carved wooden bowl
  • Necklace with Iron Bar (path of iron)

Fate Points

  • Refresh: 5


  • Physical Stress: 7
  • Composure Stress: 7


  • Minor (-2)
  • Major (-4)
  • Severe (-6)
  • Extreme (-8)
  • Raised from the Egg by the Red Brotherhood
  • Grew up in the Brotherhood, trained by Ol’Kur, and defended the borders
  • Met Perem the Wise and his apprentice, Vund the Younger, who were proselytizing in the swamp, which is punishable by death.
  • After discussing with Perem, killed Perem but took responsibility for the apprentice and led him out of the swamp.
  • Hunted by the Red Brotherhood, Torg has kept out of the swamp for several years but longs to go back.
  • Torg stayed with Vund the Younger for a time and has been learning about the Church of Unity, although he is trying to reconcile it with his beliefs in the Egg Mother.

K'thith Torg

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