Linea Windrider

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  • Daughter to the Witch Doctor of Guilfort
  • Committed to the preservation of nature.
  • The nature of people is to lie
  • May not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts
  • Eccentric
  • “You don’t want to argue with a Windrider. You just ride the wind.”
  • Easily distracted


  • Major Healing
  • Stormbringer
  • Animal Companions – 3 Falcons
  • Martial Arts
  • Draw Power
  • Create Weather

Companion Information

  • Names: Xeben, Yon, Zober
  • Attachment
  • Physical/Knowledge
  • Communication – Telepathic
  • Quality – Good
  • Strength in Numbers


Skill Rank Modifier
Power of Creatures (Falcons) Great +4
Power of Nature Great +4
Power of Life Great +4
Power of Weather Great +4
Power of Transmutation Good +3
Fists Good +3
Survival Fair +2
Alertness Poor +2
Endurance Poor +1
Resolve Poor +1
Stealth Poor +1
Might Poor +1

Total: 30
Current Fate Points: 5
Refresh Rate: 5

Group Combo


Linea is a soft-hearted druid and herbalist who holds a deep regard and respect for nature. She is a peaceful being, but is sworn to protect any living thing from harm or perversion. It is family tradition that the eldest female in her family serve as the “medicine woman” of the community providing healing, potions, and concoctions.

Linea is the youngest of 7 siblings, but the only female. Her brothers all took the path of their father, a powerful martial artist. Linea wanted desperately to learn their skills, however her lineage dictated her path. Thankfully, her brothers took pity on her and shared their knowledge with her.

While Linea is consumed by her devotion to protect, she is easily distracted in normal tasks (usually by something pertaining to nature) and experiences great bouts of wanderlust.

Linea is bound to her animal companions, three falcons Xen, Yon, and Zober. Most regard her involvement with the birds as an aspect of her already eccentric personality, but consider the birds to simply be well trained. Others just consider her to be another Crazy Windrider. Due to the inevitable teasing that she received because of her quirkiness, she keeps mostly to herself and is wary and apprehensive about the motivations of others.

Linea Windrider

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