Nan D'Brett


5 stress / 7 composure

6 fate points (11 base – 5 stunts)

(-6) Obedient to Gramm
(30 skill points)


  • Path of Iron must be stopped!
  • Went to an all girl’s school
  • Dad was a lame pacifist
  • Nothing is sacred when my friends well-being is concerned
  • Gramm Reaper’s unruly apprentice
  • A well placed word is worth a legion of soldiers
  • Will drop anything for my best friend Tulia
  • I will become more powerful and well known than Gelfidor the Great
  • I found a thing I have to fix
  • [dispellable?] Fragment of a goddess lives in me


Level Bonus Skills
Amazing? +5 Warding
Great +4 Domination Glamour
Good +3 Dimensions Resolve
Fair +2 Empathy Science Elements(Lightning)
Average +1 Divination Contacts _ _ _


Fey Charm
Use Glamour instead of rapport (invented)
Subtle Casting
No obvious movements or vocals when casting. Can pretend to cast a different spell. (p. 38)
Affect one additional target per shift. (p.38)
Area Effect
1 FP Affect all targets in a single zone and one additional zone per point of spin. If appropriate, treat as area attack of area 1 and force 1. (p.37)
1 FP you can enhance any Warding trapping with inscribed sigils, runes, or glyphs (you choose), so that anyone trying to penetrate the power’s protection suffers a magical attack equal to the power skill level in addition to the trapping’s normal effects. This attack is resisted by Endurance and causes Physical stress if the intruder is physically attacking the Warding, or by Resolve and causes Composure stress if the intruder is attacking with powers. (p. 138)
Group Combo
Rewarded’ by GM…


Mom’s Old Necklace
Warding Focus (+3)
Walking Rune-Covered Staff
Magician’s Focus (+1)


  • Best friend: Tulia
  • Worst enemy: Mart
  • Father: Brett


Nan D'Brett

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