Circle of Wisdom

The Circle of Wisdom is a loosely affiliated organization of Magicians, created shortly after The Terrible Events, as a means of restoring the trust between non-magicked and magician.

The Circle encompasses all magicians in the world, or at least pretends to. The Circle is responsible for enforcing the laws of magic, these being the three wills and three nots:

The Three Wills

  • Magic will preserve the pursuit of knowledge
  • Magic will honor the balance of nature
  • Magic will bring hope

h.3 The Three Nots

  • Magic shall not be used to dominate the will of another
  • Magic shall not be used to bring the dead back to life
  • Magic shall not be used in the wars of kingdoms

Current Circle

The current circle is distributed across the world. The leaders are chosen for their distinguished pursuit of knowledge and their wisdom in the balance of nature. The current leaders are:

  • Gramm – Known for his pursuit in the defensible arts. Currently in tilith.
  • The Lady Arylinn – Known for her pursuits in the manipulation of water. Currently in tilith.
  • Comodous the chaste – Known for his mastery of the healing arts.
  • Barney Brightlord – Master entertainer and suprisingly good magician. Wanders the world.
  • TODO – More

Circle of Wisdom

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