Guildfort is a small town located near the fork of the Serpent’s Tongue. It falls under the rule of Tilith down one fork to the south. Down the other fork is the Red Swamp. The local economy is primarily agricultural. This is supplemented by the river, both fishing and as a stop for river barges, as well as those who wonder into the Red Swamp to try and harvest sweet wood.


  • Plagued by the Red Cough
  • Under Tilith’s Shadow


1545 Current Year
1284 Guilfort suffers heavy damage in the war between Titlith and Dunholm . The last of Authur’s heirs are exiled for siding with Dunholm and Tilith lays claim to the town instating the first Sheriff.
0 Galfidor the Great ends the The Terrible Events and begins the era of peace.

Places to See

The Floating Inn
The Floating Inn is a bit of a marvel in the small town. Built right on the river next to the docs the large inn attracts visitors from all walks of life. Sailors can frequently be found gambling away their earnings at a table next to wealthy nobles and traders traveling down the river.

Bret’s School
Bret runs a school out of the first floor of his home. Since most of the families needed all the help they could get in the fields and fishing boats the only ones to attend the school were girls, and Bret’s son. The children of the wealthier parents hired private tutors or sent their children to the academy in Tilith.

Arthur’s Tower
Named for Lord who built the tower many years ago, the small Keep houses the current Sheriff, the barracks for the town guard as well as the prison. Even the best kept portions of the structure have fallen into disrepair.

Lost Treasures
A small stone building located on the outskirts of the market square holds one of the most interesting shops in many leagues. It has been part of the local landscape as long as any of the locals can remember. It is said that you can find anything you need hidden somewhere within.

Movers and Shakers


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