While there are many different types and styles of magikz, this guide only presents those used by Nam, Gramm and his affiliates, known as “Magicians”.


Magicians draw power from within themselves. They retain their connection to the ephemeral ‘power’, ‘mana’ or ‘energy’ from birth. Magicians quickly learn to focus their abilities. Most have some item, with personal significance, in which they channel their power. This focus is used as an outlet for the damage, not a source from which to draw power. The power is innate to a magician. You are either born a magician or not, unlike other types of magic.


Magicians take backlash from using too much power for a spell. That is, take the remaining shifts from a spell (after reshaping/metamgic has taken place), substract skill and an additional -2 if a focus is enabled and take this amount in compusre stress unless a FATE point is used.

Here’s a sample worksheet:

Power Skill Effort Difficulty Shifts Metamagic Focus Power Skill Composure Stress
+4 Warding +3 Roll Mediocre (-0) 7 shifts -3 additional targets -2 focus -4 Warding 0 composure stress
+1 Domination +3 Roll Good (-2) 2 shifts 0 shaping no focus -1 Domination 1 composure stress
+4 Elements +5 Roll Mediocre (-0) 9 shifts -1 additional targets no focus -4 Elements 4 composure stress


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