The Path of Iron is a religious order of (mostly) elves that until recently had been worthy of little more than a footnote. No one knows for sure where they started but it is believed they take their name from a quote given by a young elvish prince before he was executed for treason. “Unless you follow the path of iron it will be the downfall of us all.” He had broken a truce his father had declared with the humans who had been encroaching on the elvish lands. At the time the Arilian Empire was at its height and many thought they needed to keep the other races in line.


  • The World was a better place during the Arilian Empire and it should be returned to that state
  • With proper conditioning Others may find their place in the new empire
  • The defiled lands must be returned to their natural state


  • We know best


Those outside of the church do not know much of its full structure. Encounters with Iron generally start of pleasantly. A small group enters a town and offers assistance to those in need. It usually consists of a Staff (bishop), a couple of Bars (Acolytes) and a half dozen Swords (knights). They solve problems the town is having. After a little while they purchase land and build a small church. The church continues to offer assistance to those in need and help the town. After a while people start to join the church and spread the word. Those who don’t buy into the church start to loose friends and it becomes awkward. After a little while they leave the town. Some more elves may move into the town, though usually with no more association to the church than average worshipers. It starts to look the the church is fixing all the problems and before long at a council meeting someone suggest the church is put in charge.


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