The red tattoos of the Reptilian Red Brotherhood are a physical manifestation of their power. A Red Brother can use his power to enhance and protect himself.


  • Second Sight – as Divination trapping on p127.
  • Minor Healing – as Life trapping on p132 (other trappings?).
  • Protection from Decay – as Life trapping on p132 (other trappings?).
  • Protection – as Warding trapping on p138.
  • Countermagic – as Warding trapping on p138.

Power Use Limitations

Usage of tattoos can only enhance the bearer and can never directly affect another being. A red brother can make himself stronger but cannot weaken his opponent. He can protect himself from fire but cannot breathe fire. He can heal himself but cannot heal others with his power.


  • Red Tattoos
    Identifies a Red Brother. Provides no other benefits than opening up other stunts, similar to how Universal Device provides less improvements.
  • Lesser Tattoo
    Requires Red Tattoos
    A tattoo is a representation of the Red Brother’s power. By default the tattoo provides the benefits of a designated stunt. If the Red Brother takes a minute to concentrate, he can shift the tattoo to any other stunt that he meets the requirement for. It can be changed back to the default stunt instantaneously. By spending a Fate point a Red Brother can change to a different stunt instantaneously. Any stunt chosen must be one that can be explained such that it meets the power use limitations above.
  • Greater Tattoo
    Requires Lesser Tattoos
    As Lesser Tattoo except with a different default stunt. A stunt provided by Lesser Tattoo can be used when considering if the requirements for a stunt are met.


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