Reptilians are a humanoid race that live in the Red Swamp. They are about the same size as humans, but tend to be stockier with a thick tail.

They are born from eggs and grow up initially with their clutchmates. They need to work together since the swamp is a harsh environment with many predators.

Reptilians are at home in or out of the water. They prefer to keep their skin wet when possible, it can dry out if they are away from water for an extended period of time.

Reptilian homes resemble large beaver lodges and usually need to be entered from underwater.


After the havoc caused by the first starfall that brought about the terrible Goblin Dark Heart and the Elvish Epsala, the Elves spent much time investigating a second starfall that happened almost a thousand years ago, hoping to tilt the balance in their favor. They searched extensively in the swamp, but were never able to find anything similar to the Epsala.

Records from that time mention much as it is now, except for the Reptilians. Their physical descriptions are the same, but they were described as only communicating with growls, grunts, and clicks.

Reptilian folklore describes that starfall as the coming of the Egg Mother. The Elves saw no such thing, but perhaps something did fall that has caused the Reptilians to change? While they are still primitive, they have been progressing rapidly.

- Vund the Younger

Reptilian Aspects


Animal passions are never far beneath the surface…
Invoke: The character can be very energetic, even violent, compulsive.
Compel: The character gives in to his animal passions at the most inappropriate moment.

Touched by the Egg Mother

The Egg Mother experiments to improve the Reptilians.
Invoke: The character can do more than would be thought possible.
Compel: Stress atavism is a condition in which the primal traits and instincts of recently uplifted beings begin to reemerge due to stress.

Reptilian Stunts

  • Swims like a Fish (p118)
  • Hard Hide (p119)
  • Claws / Jaws (p119)


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