The Sisters of Corinna are an ancient order of healers who are devotees to the Goddess Corinna. Members of the order take a vow not to harm living creatures. The Sisters were so sacred and revered that although the old gods have fallen a tradition that is still kept in much of the world is harming a Sister is punishable by death.

When the old gods started to fall much of their power was lost. Over the years the Sisters have fallen on science to perform the healing that was once granted to all the Sisters by the White Lady. There are still some true believers who are granted the ability to work the miraculous healing of old.


Names: Corinna, The Healing Sister, The White Lady, Sister of Compassion
Domains: Healing, Cooperation, Compassion, Life, Preservation

Aspects and Stunts

Characters who wish to become a Sister of Corinna must have an aspect that identifies them as so e.×. Sister of Corinna, Healing Sister, True Believer of Corinna. This aspect can be compelled to invoke the vow of non-violence. A True Believer Aspect grants the character aspect to the Power of Life. As a True Believer if you break your vow of non-violence you suffer a -2 penalty to all Power of Life rolls until you can make proper atonement.


Chosen of Corinna – You must have a ‘True Believer’ aspect. You are a true believer of Corinna and carry her blessing. You ge a +2 Bonus to the Power of Life.

Healer, Physicker, Chiurgeon (pg. 108)


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