The Cloud People

The Cloud people are a race of halflings that live on the Misted Isles. The Cloud people are a very secretive people, with an odd language.


The Cloud people are dark skinned humanoids that grow to an average height of 4 feet. They are lanky and nimble as a race.

They often are clothed with nothing but swim-friendly skirts and beads. Anything that limits the speed of swimming is considered gaudy. Some of the men have tatoos, denoting some form of marriage status.

The cloud men prefer short hair or no hair at all. The cloud women use hair style to denote some kind of rank or status.


Not much is known about the culture of the Cloud People. What little that has been picked up has been observed by traders. Here’s what is known:

  • They are very deferential to what they call “Firetellers”. These appear to be some sort of elder in the society.
  • Women appear to have a prominent role in society. Women own houses and help dictate law (or so it appears). There is a communal hut for men to reside in until chosen by a woman.
  • When a man is “chosen” by a woman, he becomes a slave of sorts. All his work is owned by her, and he is indebted to do what she asks. This relationship can be plutonic, but not much is known about what it means.
  • When more than one women desires the same man, there is a contest to see who wins. There is one report of such a contest:
TODO – Write report.
  • They appear to have some concept of marriage, although it is different than being “chosen”. This is when a chosen man asks the lady for a tatoo of some sort. Many men eventually receive tatoos, but little is known about why or what they entail. What is known is only women and tatooed men talk to outsiders.
  • They have a very sophisticated palate, and often cook with subtle flavors.


The cloud people are able to control the clouds around their islands. They have removed clouds from one island (Ouanimanilau) to act as a port.
The culture focuses on fishing and trading. The climate is warm enough that they require little in the way of housing to survive, and have never focused on improving their crude huts.

They are excellent seafarers and fishers, although rarely has an outsider seen how they fish.

The Cloud People

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