The Living Tree of Lorindale is a poem of unknown origin. There are several different renditions of it, with the same general message. Lorindale’s trees rise up and protect the forest from some aggression.

Here’s the most popular rendition of the age, most likely adapted to rhyme in the modern tongue.

The living trees of Lorindale

I saw living trees of lorindale
rise up and walk with the gale.
leaves, trunk, branch, root
nature’s foes in pursuit.

The fox returns to the earth.
The birds sullenly losing mirth.
A thrush chirping, in warning tone
“Here the forest protects its own”

A time to grow a time to prune
A time to make aggrevious wound
The trees did march on great evil
The forest itself in upheaval

To him who thinks himself above
the law of nature, and its love
Remember well the living trees
and the warning of the breeze


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